Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

No, I’m not getting married ;), This was the title of the gig I had at Murphy’s Law back in October. Now that the Christmas holiday season has begun, I can now catch up on reporting all these concerts to you.

I entitled the concert that way because of the songs I chose to perform. Some of them are old songs in my repertoire that I learned but never had the chance to perform. Some of the songs we did were new songs and arrangements that I have been working on. And some songs were Blues.

I am really pleased with how the evening turned out. The concert went well, the audience were nice and appreciative. There was in particular a very nice man, who is a big fan of jazz music, who seemed very pleased with the concert. I was able to talk with him and meet his family after the concert. It’s always nice to get positive feedback from your audience and meet others who are just as much (if not more) of a fan of jazz music.

After the concert was a jam session which also fun as there were enough musicians who turned up to play with each other. 

Unfortunately I have no pictures to share with you from that evening. But all in all, a good event and as always, I’m grateful for the musicians who I play with.