Priscilla Manyekyi Ama Nokoe is a worldly musician who is one of the few singers exploring the borderlines between Jazz and African music. Some of her compositions can be described as African jazz as it is ‘jazzy’ with a heavy influence from traditional drum music of West Africa. Her musical tastes run far and wide (from R&B and Rock to Mozart and Musicals), and likes to find inspiration from those different genres as well.

Born in Kenya and raised in and out of Africa, she returned home to where she learned more about traditional Ghanaian music and dance, graduating from the University of Ghana with a double major in Music and Dance and got to perform in the opening ceremony of the African World Cup of Nations 2008 when it was hosted in her home country.

From an early age Priscilla was heavily involved in the performing arts and was initially classically trained. Amongst other things she took dance, drama, piano, singing, and flute lessons, which the Trinity College of Music, UNISA and The South African Guild of Speech and Drama Teachers examination board examined her on.

She graduated from the Royal Conservatoire with her second Bachelor degree, this time in Jazz music. Further exploring the fusion of African and jazz music, and interdisciplinary performing practices, she graduated with a Masters Degree in the summer of 2015. In 2019 she graduated from LUCA School of Arts with a teaching diploma and is currently living in Belgium where she gives singing and music theory lessons. She also gives workshops and still performs in festivals, jazz bars, and private receptions.

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