2nd WTC gala report

Last week Friday, as you may have read already, I played at the WTC The Hague gala event. This is their second gala and we (me and the band) were pleased to be invited to provide live music once more.

This year they were celebrating their economic ties with the UK. And so in addition to us, there was a bagpipe player :). Perhaps you will be able to spot him in the picture below:


Needless to say, we had a lot of fun playing there. We played whilst they were having dinner but there were some people who were taking notice and showed their appreciation. At the end, we even got a bouquet of flowers to take home. Very sweet! 🙂

It’s always nice to feel appreciated and treated kindly when you perform somewhere. I realize that’s not always the case, so I’m always very grateful when it does happen, and I would be glad to perform there again in future.

And now I will finish off with some pictures. Some are professionally taken by the photographers that were there, and some are from my ipad.