Taiwanese National Day

A friend of mine asked me to perform with him at the Taiwanese national day celebrations that was to be held at the Crowne Plaza hotel in The Hague. I was to learn some Taiwanese and mandarin songs…of course I said yes! :). When else would I have the opportunity to learn and perform a song in these languages?

So after watching and listening repeatedly to YouTube videos, I was ready. And apparently I didn’t do too bad of a job. Many of the audience came up to us afterwards and complimented me on my accurate pronunciation! I’m very glad because I was actually very nervous about it.

I played with piano, guitar, and cello! A new combination but really nice. Unfortunately there was a problem with the amplification of the cello so it wasn’t sounding as great as it could have been. But we managed and everyone was pleased.

Afterward we performed there were some speeches, and a buffet so we could relax. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and even got to meet and talk with the Taiwanese ambassador and his wife who are very nice.

Here are some pictures from the evening.