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My first review!!!

I’m so excited to share with you my very first review! It’s of the concert that I did with my quartet earlier this month in Voorschoten, organised by Podium Jong Professionals Jazz (PJPJ).… Continue reading

Floris V Gig (re-post)

(This is a repost of a gig that I did earlier this year in October. Long story short; the old post got messed up!) Played with my pianist in Voorschoten at the restaurant… Continue reading

Duo recording

A few months ago, I did a recording session with my friend and pianist K of some jazz standards. The results came out well thanks to the hard work of G. who set… Continue reading

Pictures from PJPJ Voorschoten

Here is a link to the PJPJ website to see the pictures that were taken from my concert in Voorschoten. There is also a video clip of my band performing my song ‘Senegambia’.… Continue reading


Played in Quartet in Voorschoten at the cultural centre. It was a great experience with a really nice stage and great audience. I hope to be able to play there again!

Cafe de Klok gig

Tonight I’m playing in a slightly different setting than I’m used to. Getting ready to go to Delft to play at the Cafe de Klok with Katja on piano and Grigoris on bass.… Continue reading