My first review!!!


I’m so excited to share with you my very first review! It’s of the concert that I did with my quartet earlier this month in Voorschoten, organised by Podium Jong Professionals Jazz (PJPJ). I believe they are the only organisation in the whole of Holland that try to promote young and unknown jazz musicians. I am so grateful that they invited me back a second time to play, this time at the Cultural centrum in Voorschoten. I had such a great time and I’m glad that the audience shared that feeling with me.

I have copied the part that relates to me at the end of this post but here is a link to the full article:
It’s not long and it’s in dutch, but you can google translate it if you don’t understand dutch 😀 

“VOORSCHOTEN – In de goed gevulde grote zaal van het Cultureel Centrum in Voorschoten organiseerde Podium Jong Professionals Jazz (PJPJ) afgelopen zaterdag een jazzconcert met zangeres Priscilla Nokoe met Katja Huyun Jun Ji (vleugel), Gregoris Theodoridis (contrabas) en Pauls Pokratnieks (drums). Opnieuw was dit concert een groot succes! Ontroerend was het lied wat Priscilla opdroeg aan de vorige week overleden Nelson Mandela.”