Taiwan Tour!

Last year I was fortunate to be able to travel to Taiwan to participate in the Tauchung Jazz Festival, as well as do a tour of Taiwan with my project Di Yea, and my friend S’Yo Fang’s project Formosan Headhunter. We covered three cities in three weeks. Quite busy, but I had a most wonderful time, and hope it will not be the last time I visit Taiwan. 

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of pictures or videos to share of my experience yet. This is why it has taken me so long to make this post. I have been waiting for some more media to make it’s way to me, but it is taking a while, which is why I have decided to share whatever I have with you now. 🙂

Whilst performing, we also went to a local High school filled with gifted children and gave them a jazz workshop. In this video, you will see one of the days that we worked with them on a jazz form.


Here is a video of the performance of Formosan Headhunters at the Taichung Jazz Festival:


We also played in some smaller jazz bars and cafes, and a Soochow University. The last one we played at was a bookstore/restaurant/cafe called Yuppy in Taipei. It was a wonderful ending to an awesome trip!