What’s been going on…

Yes, it’s been a while. With the new school year starting, busy schedule, and some health problems, I have been a little behind on updating you guys over here. I apologies for that. But here is a brief over view of what’s been going on:

30th August: 4Pop festival in Voorschoten

13th September: Opening concert of the new PJPJ season. I already posted something about this here when it was upcoming. Will write another post about how it went.

8th October: A friend of mine asked me to play with him for the Taiwanese National Day that the Embassy in The Hague was celebrating.

13th October: A gig at Murphy’s Law, a jazz/ irish bar in The Hague.

So that’s it guys! That’s what I’ve been busy with performance wise. Working on my Master research and some new songs and arrangements. Hopefully you will get to hear that soon. In the coming weeks I will make a more detailed post about each of these concerts, letting you know how it all went. So stay tuned!


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